ParentPreneur Networking was founded in 2015 by mum, wife and entrepreneur, Florence Roberts. Florence previously set up and ran successful businesses, but fell back into corporate employment to gain the security when she became pregnant with her first child.
By the time her second child came along Florence and her husband Jon, made the decision to have a stay at home parent, rather than opt for expensive childcare and missing out on being completely present during the children growing up. Florence already had dreams of having her own business so it seemed fitting for her to become the ParentPreneur, whilst Jon provided a financially secure environment for the family, continuing with employment. The adjustment was huge for Florence in her new life as mum of two and an entrepreneur.

She had reinvented herself as a person, her priorities were different and finding the right balance was a constant battle.

Wanting to network and connect with others in business, she found typical start times of networking events unsuitable or too much of a commute. The networking Florence did try, she found the environment either too formal or more about mothering than about business and never quite found the right balance. This is when ParentPreneur Networking was born.

The networking is primarily for local parents with their own business or thinking of starting their own business. Creating an open and warm environment where parents come together to share stories, ideas and experiences face to face.

The true essence of the events is down to the people who attend, connecting through their story, inspiring and motivating each other. This is when incredible things happen. We all grow from hearing what other people have to say about life, work, challenges and aspirations. It’s not just about business it’s about us as people. Everyone is genuinely there to help.

Each individual is different and ParentPreneur supports whatever part of the journey that parent is on, by listening. Each event introduces a guest speaker to bring something for everyone to take away, whether it be business support information or a truly inspirational story to learn from. Finding connections that can make a big difference in their lives, helping parents build their own network and support group.

The first ever event was held in Altrincham, Cheshire by Florence in June 2015, which lead to a launch in September 2015. As ParentPreneur stands today, 1000’s of parents are connecting across the UK and an interest from overseas. With 10 further local community locations established across the country ParentPreneur recruit and support area directors to plan, shape and host events.

Area directors facilitate connecting, giving confidence and motivate parents to fulfil their dreams creating an open and friendly environment for this to work. ParentPreneur Networking is game-changing, revolutionising the way that parents network, building relationships that not only translate into the development of their business but also improve the mental wellbeing/livelihoods of those who become part of the ever growing ParentPreneur community/family.